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​I'm guessing that by reading this you wanted to learn a little bit more about me and the wacky world within my head? Well, I'm not too keen on talking about myself, but I'll give it my best. I am a musician, photographer, and writer. That is a lot of hats to be wearing and, while it can get a little warm, it does come in handy in the independent arts.

The duality of nature and the abstract horrors of the unseen often find their way into my work regardless of medium. I always try to look at the world, especially my own circumstances, with a bit of wonder and lightheartedness. If there's a bizarre low-budget horror movie too strange to possibly exist but does anyway, I probably have it.

I have been making sounds, images and telling stories since the times of VHS and when logging onto the Internet required enduring a few minutes of loud, alien noises while watching a cartoon man struggle to make the connection. Ah, what a glorious age!

I hope that you take the time to appreciate my growing catalogue of work, and that you have a pleasant day!

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Mike Smale

Musician / Photographer / Writer Suminia is my spirit animal.